Oil is a critical component in screw compressors. Its condition is the key element in determining the service life of the machine, and by the nature of operation, it is constantly exposed to contamination.

The Berusynth range of synthetic oils with performance additives provide long service life for screw compressors. The PAO based oil with excellent thermal stability and ageing resistance extend draining intervals to 8,000 to 10,000 working hours. The special formulation does not impact paints or seals of the equipment while superior anti-wear and anti corrosion additives enhance equipment life. Berusynth H1 series also extends life of air-oil separator depending on operating conditions of the equipment.

Berusynth 46 H1 and Berusynth 68 H1, that is viscosity grades of 46 cSt & 68 cSt are suitable for Screw compressors. Berusynth H1 range is recommended for compressors in various industrial sectors including Cement, Power, Steel, Textiles, Mining and many more. Berusynth H1 range is NSF H1 approved and is recommended for compressor applications in Food, beverage and Pharma processing industries as well.


NSF H1 approved, high performance synthetic oils with high load carrying ability. Berusynth H1 series provide superior corrosion protection and offer wear resistance to the contacting surfaces. Halal and Kosher approved, Berusynth H1 are available in varying viscosities for industrial requirements.

Applications: Ready to meet the lubrication requirements of air and screw compressors, circulation systems and hydraulics, fans and pumps etc. Suitable for requirements of food, pharma and feed industry.

ProductBase OilViscosity at [40 °C mm2/s] Flash point °CSend Your Queries
Berusynth 15 H1 to 1000 H1

  • High
  • Low temperature
  • Food grade / Pharmaceutical technology
  • Corrosion protection
  • Hydraulic
  • Chains
  • Closed gears
Polyalphaolefin15-1000≥ 170 to ≥ 260
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