Synthetic High Speed Spindle Bearing Grease

Berutox FB 22 – Synthetic High Speed Spindle Bearing Grease

Developed by BECHEM Germany for high speed applications and bearings, Berutox FB 22 delivers unmatched performance in terms of lubricating life even under extreme temperatures and operating conditions.

With Barium complex soap as thickener and Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil, Berutox FB 22 provides superior corrosion and wear protection. Supplemented with an advanced additive package, the high speed grease also possesses superior load carrying capability as well as ability to absorb vibrations and shock loads.

Recommended for bearings of high speed spindles

Greases play an important role in the reliability and life of bearings in machine tool spindles. Typically angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and sometimes special bearings are used in these machine spindles. The grease is expected to ensure smooth transmission of load and achieve separation of the rolling elements from bearing rings.

Why should you choose Berutox FB 22 as spindle bearing grease?

Recommended for high speed spindles.
> Berutox FB 22 has reached a speed factor of 1.7 million at the FAG WS 22 test rig*

‘Synthetic Polyalphaolefin (PAO)’ base oil ensures extended service life
> Recommended for ‘lubricated for life bearings’ that demand fully synthetic base oil in grease
> FB 22 is compatible with commonly used sealing and cage materials in bearings

Smooth structure of FB 22 ensures minimal internal friction, translating to reduced start-up torque and therefore less temperature buildup 
> Nominal increase in bearing temperature by 26.3 ℃ at spindle speed of 40,000 RPM observed over 24 hours

FB 22 provides excellent resistance to ‘alkaline coolant’ attacks by repelling water and coolant combination
> Barium complex thickener is highly resistant to water and coolant attack
> Berutox FB 22 provides superior corrosion protection. Has achieved an Emcor corrosion rating of 0/0, the               highest corrosion protection capacity for grease

Berutox FB 22 ensures quieter bearing operation
> Special manufacturing process ensures controlled particle size of additives and thickener in the grease  thereby  resulting in quieter bearing operation

Inherent capability to absorb heavy loads and vibration
> Extreme pressure additives offer good lubrication under medium to high loads

Minimum residue formation once service life and temperature range is exceeded
> Barium complex thickener leave least amount of residues after serving their useful life time

* Test to measure speed characteristic of grease by temperature rise with gradual increase in speed to 40,000 RPM, observed for 24 hours

Berutox FB 22 Characteristic Data

ThickenerBarium complex soap
Base OilPolyalphaolefin (PAO)
Service Temperature in ℃-40 to 180 (Short terms +200℃)
AppearanceLight beige
ConsistencyNLGI 2

Examples of application : High speed spindle bearings, high speed plain and roller bearings, threaded spindles, toothed gears in small gears, Worm gears etc.

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