Automotive Electrical Motor Lubricants from BECHEM
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Ignore the lubricant and there could be false starts, jerky wipers and sluggish windows. Your choice.

From ignition starter motors to wiper and window regulator motors, from seats and mirror adjusting mechanisms to door lock actuators, electric motors are critical for the smooth functioning of a car. A host of child parts work in tandem with motors in these applications to deliver the desired movement consistently and effortlessly to the user. From rotary, sliding to oscillatory, these sub components are involved in various motion mechanisms. Wherever there is movement by contacting surfaces, friction is bound to be generated. The result, drop in efficiencies, wear of surfaces and finally failure of component.

Where lubrication steps in

However, these auto electrical components demand special lubrication that can withstand the test of time whilst absorbing loads, temperature build up and unwarranted vibrations. Material compatibility, ability to perform under varying temperatures (-40 to +140ºC), resistance to water and dust are some of the other defining characteristics that the lubricant needs to possess.

Different requirements, different lubricants

Lubrication requirements of various motor mechanisms are diverse. Take for example the ‘Worm and Worm Wheel gear arrangement’ that works in tandem in applications such as Wiper, Power Window, Seat Adjustment and Door Lock Actuator mechanisms. To begin with, the lubricant should have good material compatibility with plastics and electrical contacts else cracking of plastic parts or colour alteration of consoles are sure possibilities. Noise dampening property, resistance to wear and corrosion are some of the other  critical requirements of the lubricant that ensure rattle and vibration free operation. The lubricant should also possess low internal friction characteristics that would enable low starting torque. Sintered Iron and Bronze Bushes, Thrust Ball Bearing, One Way Clutch/Bendix Drive (Starter Motor) etc. are some of the other motor sub assemblies that possess unique lubrication requirements.



High Performance Speciality Lubricants – BECHEM’s automotive range have proved to be reliable performance enhancers for the diverse and critical requirements of the automotive industry.

High tolerance, longer life

BECHEM’s high performance lubricants with low oxidisation properties can endure excruciating conditions and provide life time lubrication whilst meeting the demanding operating requirements of various automotive electrical motor applications.

BECHEM expertise

With expertise of over 175 years, BECHEM’s state of the art R&D lab equipped with the latest mechanical and physio chemical testing installations employs both sophisticated in-house and internationally established test procedures to find the best compatible lubricant. Motors are subjected to endurance test for over 2.5 million cycles in various extreme test conditions to reflect the actual usage of the component during its lifetime. Working closely with top automotive and component manufacturers, BECHEM has developed the next generation of intelligent lubricants that provide unmatched performance and reliability for all automotive motor components. Lubrication recommendations by BECHEM’s specialists have proven and exceeded the expectations of auto and component manufacturers time and again.

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