Are you listening to your conveyor chains?

Peculiar noises and jerky movements from your conveyor chains are a signal that the lubrication set-up needs a relook.

Case Study Overview:
Berusynth CF 250 is a high performance chain oil based on synthetic ester developed for conveyor chains in plastic film stretching section of BOPP machine. The adhesive chain oil with superior penetrating properties and excellent wetting ability ensures optimal lubrication of friction partners in the chain. The special formulation of Berusynth CF 250 does not throw off or drip even at high speeds of the chain.

From solid granules to smooth thin films
In a typical plastic film manufacturing process, plastic polymers in granular form are melted and subsequently passed through multiple rolls as a woven film, intermittently cooling and heating, until the desired film thickness is achieved. The film stretching happens both length wise and also transversely. The transverse stretching involves clips that grasp the film during the intricate stretching process. Berusynth CF 250 is specifically designed for the chain conveyors of transverse direction orientation of polypropylene film stretching machines.


Performance and Reference
The BECHEM team had the opportunity to work with one of India’s leading manufacturer of BOPP films on optimising the lubrication consumption of conveyor chains at one of their facilities. With multiple manufacturing facilities and presence across the globe, the company supplies its high quality speciality films for packaging, lamination and labelling applications to top brands.