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MADE FOR MQL: Beruform STO 110


A global supplier of electromechanical systems for hydro-power plants found itself in a spot of bother when performance of the coolant and MQL system did not meet its expectation in its newly installed machining centre for large jobs.

With a revised MQL system in place, BECHEM’s Beruform STO 110 was tried out against the earlier recommended coolant. Beruform STO 110 outperformed the recommended coolant in every performance parameter measured with increase in tool life and savings in coolant consumption.


The Global company, a market leader in manufacturing electromechanical systems for hydro-power plants had expanded its existing production line with new ‘5 axis CNC machining centre’ in its plant in India. The new line with special machining centre from Europe’s leading machine tool manufacturer was installed with the objective of machining typical hydro plant components such as turbine runners, valves, penstock and gates.

The specially designed machining centre provided a boost to the Customer’s production capability  and versatility in machining large jobs. The production team however experienced inconsistencies in performance of the MQL system and coolant which led to decrease in tool life. The maintenance and service teams were unable to identify the root cause of the performance inconsistencies and decided to replace the MQL system as well as the coolant.

With a new MQL system installed, BECHEM was asked to provide its coolant recommendation for the special machining centre against the approved coolant.

BECHEM’s Approach

The BECHEM team studied the machining process, MQL system in place and recommended Beruform STO 110. Free of chlorine, sulphur and heavy metal containing additives, the team was confident that the unique formulation of STO 110 would provide the necessary lubrication and cooling of work piece and cutting tool area thereby increasing tool life.

Details of the MQL system and machining process

  • Air and Oil mist lubrication system with two outlets
  • Two standard pumps with horizontal outlet
  • Discharge : 0 to 30 cc (adjustable) per stroke
  • Frequency generator of 1 cycle per minute
  • Oil pressure : Upto 5 bar

Machining process details

  • Material : Stainless Steel 304
  • Machining operation : Profile milling
  • Components : Turbine runner (Pelton / Francis), Valves, Penstock and Gates

Product Comparison

Product NameProduct XBeruform STO 110
Appearance (Concentrate)Stable amber fluidLight yellow clear fuid
Viscosity @ 40 °C (cSt)3741-50
Density @ 15 °C  g/ cm20.90.92
Flash Point °C≥ 300≥ 320
Pour Point °C– 20– 40


Most Advanced Breed of Cutting Fluids
Excellent surface finish, longer tool and die life with minimal coolant consumption, cleaner working environment are some of the desired parameters that directly impact cost per component and productivity levels in metal working processes.

Trial Outcome

A trial was taken with 5 Kg sample of Beruform STO 110 and Product X (approved product) with the new MQL system in place.

Key Observations

  • 12% increase in tool life with Beruform STO 110 compared to the existing coolant
  • Reduction in coolant consumption by 25% with STO 110
  • Better surface finish with STO 110

The trial led to Beruform STO 110 being established as the only coolant for machining with the MQL system for the new special machining centre at the Customer’ unit.

Key Takeaways

  • Beruform STO 110 provides superior machining performance in MQL systems
  • The unique formulation of STO 110 provides better lubricity and increase in tool life
  • STO 110 is devoid of heavy metal additives, chlorine and sulphur
  • STO 110 provides superior machining experience with reduced consumption

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