In a typical textile draw frame, bearings in the ‘top roller end bushes’ are designed to rotate at a speed of 750 to 800 mpm (meters per minute). If the grease fails to perform its function or oxidizes before the re-greasing interval then rising bearing temperature would impact hardness of the mounted rubber cots. This in turn would affect the evenness and quality of drawn silver.

BECHEM’s range of specialty grease possess superior lubricating properties and controls temperature of the bearing when compared to regular greases for draw frame bushes. Also while the regular practice with conventional lubricants is to grease the bearings daily, re-greasing interval with BECHEM’s range will be only once a week. Customers are benefited by the drastic reduction in manpower costs and increase in shop floor productivity. High quality base oil within these range ensures minimal residue formation.

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Draw Frame Top Roll-end Bushes Lubricant

Berulub KR-EP Tex 2

High performance grease with high speed index for high speed applications operating in low temperatures. Offers low starting resistance at low temperatures, Berulub KR EP 2 has excellent consistency temperature behaviour and provides long life lubrication by reducing friction and wear of the contacting surface. Protects frictional surfaces against humidity and corrosion.

Applications: Recommended for high speed plain and roller bearings, wiper motor gear box, precision bearings used in refrigeration technology, optical instruments and medical equipment’s, precision mechanisms, textile machines and machine tools, ski lifts and cable railways etc.

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Berulub KR-EP Tex 2

  • High
  • Roller bearings
  • Plain bearings
  • Low temperature
  • Corrosion protection
Lithium soapSynthetic oil-50 °C to +120 °C

Applications and Properties

The unique pictograms help identify primary characteristics of the lubricant as well as key applications and industries it has been established at a glance. However the final recommendation would still have to be by the BECHEM specialist after having studied application and its operating environment. As the saying goes, ‘every problem has a unique solution, if only, one is looking for it’. This is the core philosophy to our approach towards ‘Application Engineering’ and staying true to ‘speciality’

High speed

Roller bearings

Plain bearings

Low temperature

Corrosion protection

Frequently Asked Questions

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A grease with low base oil viscosity (between 15 cst to 20 cst) and effectively controlled solid particle size plays a major role in reduction of operating temperatures of top roll end bushes, especially at high drawing speeds of over 500 metres per minute.

In lubrication engineering, the base oil viscosity should be lower with increasing speeds. Jockey pulley bearings fall under high speed category (6500 rpm to 7500 rpm for a spindle speed of 19,500 rpm to 22,500 rpm). The base oil viscosity of regular greases typically used in the Spinning industry varies between 120 cst to 160 cst for the application. Considering the high speed of bearings, the viscosity is excessive for the application and the primary reason for power surge after the re-greasing process.

BECHEM recommends a low base oil viscosity grease (between 15 cst to 25 cst) in minimizing the internal friction whilst maintaining the desired lubricant film and thereby eliminating the power surge after re-greasing process.

Ring frame spindles consists of four friction partners (Needle roller bearing, Spiral spring, Phosphor bronze bush and Thrust pad), all which have to be lubricated by one oil. Oxidation of oil in the spindles after few months of operation is the primary reason for frequent oil change. An ultra-refined high quality mineral oil (10 cst) with excellent oxidation stability can extend oil changing frequency.

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