The ring frame fluted roller neck bearings have demanding lubrication requirements. As applicable to all needle bearings, these operate under high specific loads, the grease should be able to withstand such loads and ensure lubrication film between contact surfaces. Re-lubrication of roller neck bearings is a time consuming process owing to their presence in large numbers, the grease should be able to provide long term lubrication to avoid repeated lubrication breaks and wastage of production time.

The grease should have minimal leakage from the bearing to avoid fluff accumulation. Also, the grease residues if any after active life should not affect smooth rotation of the bearing in any way.


BECHEM High-Lub Textile Super
High performance, multipurpose EP grease with solid lubricants for emergency run properties and high load applications. BECHEM High-Lub Textile Super provides good resistance against hot and cold water. Inbuilt additives and inhibitors in BECHEM High-Lub Textile Super ensures protection of application against wear and corrosion. High load multipurpose EP greases has excellent pump-ability.

Applications: Recommended for plain and roller bearings, guide ways, motor bearings in vitrified tiles plant, gear shifter ball joint application, machine parts used in construction and mining industry, machine tools, bearings of winder and unwinder as well as refiner section in paper mills, textile industry etc. Also suitable for electrical and precision instruments, threaded spindles, washing machines and household equipment.

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BECHEM High-Lub Textile Super

  • High
  • Roller
  • Plain bearings
  • Corrosion protection
Lithium soapMineral oil-20 °C to +120 °C

Beruplex LI EP 2
Based on metal complex thickener, Beruplex LI EP 2 is a long term lubricating grease for applications exposed to high and shock loads. This high performance multipurpose grease has very good corrosion protection property as well as provides wear protection to contacting frictional surfaces. Has good pumpability for central lubrication systems.

Applications: Recommended for lubrication of automotive wheel hub bearings, joints, cardan shafts, clutch pressure bearings, braking cylinder, ventilation systems, starter motor sliding parts and bearings, electric motors, blower fans, pellet mill bearings, barker section and rollers in drying plants of paper mills etc.

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Beruplex LI EP 2

  • Roller
  • Plain bearings
  • High speed
  • High loads
  • Automotive Industry
  • Good pumability
  • High temperature
Lithium ComplexMineral Oil-30 to +150

Our Textile Industry Lubricant Expertise.

BECHEM offers new generation speciality lubricants designed for textile applications including spinning, weaving, processing and man made textiles that not only reduce maintenance costs but also boost productivity. BECHEM’s recommendations on effective lubrication engineering have enabled its customers to realise cost savings in replacement of spares, mitigate production losses and manpower costs.

BECHEM regularly conducts inhouse technical seminars and lubrication audits for customers with the intention of sharing knowledge on the importance of lubrication performance and its relation to cost savings.
BECHEM Application Engineering

Benefits for your Application

Extended service life

  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Super chemical and water resistant ability
  • Extends re-greasing interval
  • Comprehensive savings in man power cost
  • No residue formation
  • Reduces temperature and power loss
  • Excellent performance at, High speed, high temperatures and high loads
  • Excellent corrosion protection properties
  • Resistance to ingress of foreign particles in dusty environment


A grease with low base oil viscosity (between 15 cst to 20 cst) and effectively controlled solid particle size plays a major role in reduction of operating temperatures of top roll end bushes, especially at high drawing speeds of over 500 metres per minute.

A grease with low base oil viscosity (between 15 cst to 20 cst) and effectively controlled solid particle size plays a major role in reduction of operating temperatures of top roll end bushes, especially at high drawing speeds of over 500 metres per minute.

In lubrication engineering, the base oil viscosity should be lower with increasing speeds. Jockey pulley bearings fall under high speed category (6500 rpm to 7500 rpm for a spindle speed of 19,500 rpm to 22,500 rpm). The base oil viscosity of regular greases typically used in the Spinning industry varies between 120 cst to 160 cst for the application. Considering the high speed of bearings, the viscosity is excessive for the application and the primary reason for power surge after the re-greasing process.

BECHEM recommends a low base oil viscosity grease (between 15 cst to 25 cst) in minimizing the internal friction whilst maintaining the desired lubricant film and thereby eliminating the power surge after re-greasing process.

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