Arbor bearings have the most critical lubrication requirement. The miniature ball bearings are subjected to medium radial loads with both the rear and front bearings required to rotate at same speeds. Any variation in the uniformity of rotational speeds would impact the quality of yarn. The grease should be able to operate with minimum presence to avoid internal resistance of the lubricant. The grease should also be able to provide long term lubrication, avoid build up of excess quantity as well as leave no residues after its active life.

BECHEM’s range of grease for Arbor bearings possess smooth structure and offer least internal resistance to the smooth rotation of these precision bearings. Good flow ensures reach and effective lubrication of rear bearings as well.


Berutemp FB 38
High performance grease based on synthetic base oil with good consistency- temperature behaviour performance. Berutemp FB 38 has good load carrying properties and is suitable for applications that experience vibrations and shock loads. FB 38 provides superior wear resistance for the friction partners. The highly adhesive grease with good pumpability provides excellent water and media resistance to applications.

Applications: Recommended for roller and plain bearings subjected to high loads, example top arm bearings, threaded spindles, ball screws, toothed gears, endless screws etc.

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Berutemp FB 38

    • Roller bearings
    • Plain bearings
    • High temperature
    • Low temperature
  • High loads
  • Corrosion protection
  • Low residue level
Barium ComplexPolyalphaolefin-40 to +180

Berutox M 21 EPK
High performance multipurpose EP grease for long life lubrication. Berutox M21 EPK has excellent sealing qualities with superior resistance to water and steam. Provides excellent corrosion and wear protection.

Applications: Recommended for dryer section bearings and hot air fans in paper plants, precision bearings such as top arm bearings and variator systems of spinning machines in textile industry. Suitable for lubrication of friction partners in door locking systems, hinged joints, wheel hub bearings, shifting linkages and bearings in water pumps of automotive industry. Also recommended for rotor shell bearings of pellet presses.

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Berutox M21 EPK

  • Roller
  • Automotive industry
  • High Tempratures
  • High load
  • Resistant to water
PolyureaMineral Oil-20 to +160

Our Textile Industry Lubricant Expertise.

BECHEM offers new generation speciality lubricants designed for textile applications including spinning, weaving, processing and man made textiles that not only reduce maintenance costs but also boost productivity. BECHEM’s recommendations on effective lubrication engineering have enabled its customers to realise cost savings in replacement of spares, mitigate production losses and manpower costs.

BECHEM regularly conducts inhouse technical seminars and lubrication audits for customers with the intention of sharing knowledge on the importance of lubrication performance and its relation to cost savings.
BECHEM Application Engineering

Benefits for your Application

Extended service life

  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Super chemical and water resistant ability
  • Extends re-greasing interval
  • Comprehensive savings in man power cost
  • No residue formation
  • Reduces temperature and power loss
  • Excellent performance at, High speed, high temperatures and high loads
  • Excellent corrosion protection properties
  • Resistance to ingress of foreign particles in dusty environment


A grease with low base oil viscosity (between 15 cst to 20 cst) and effectively controlled solid particle size plays a major role in reduction of operating temperatures of top roll end bushes, especially at high drawing speeds of over 500 metres per minute.

A grease with low base oil viscosity (between 15 cst to 20 cst) and effectively controlled solid particle size plays a major role in reduction of operating temperatures of top roll end bushes, especially at high drawing speeds of over 500 metres per minute.

In lubrication engineering, the base oil viscosity should be lower with increasing speeds. Jockey pulley bearings fall under high speed category (6500 rpm to 7500 rpm for a spindle speed of 19,500 rpm to 22,500 rpm). The base oil viscosity of regular greases typically used in the Spinning industry varies between 120 cst to 160 cst for the application. Considering the high speed of bearings, the viscosity is excessive for the application and the primary reason for power surge after the re-greasing process.

BECHEM recommends a low base oil viscosity grease (between 15 cst to 25 cst) in minimizing the internal friction whilst maintaining the desired lubricant film and thereby eliminating the power surge after re-greasing process.

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