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Can cutting fluids affect performance while grinding hard metals?

Grinding of hard metals generates a lot of heat between the grinding wheel and work piece interface. Mist formation, consumption of cutting fluid and grinding wheel life are parameters that often vary drastically.

Traditionally carbide grinding has been tricky with issues of carbide stickiness leading to wheel loading and affecting tool finish. The Production team at a leading manufacturer of carbide tools had weathered this concern by managing the machining process with repeated wheel dressing improvisations. A trial with Berugrind 7 HC, a neat cutting oil with special additives from BECHEM, unraveled possibilities for the production team to ensure seamless grinding with superior job finish.


With over two decades of experience in manufacturing high quality cutting tools, the company supplied to an impressive list of customers across industry segments.
The list included top brands in automotive, aerospace, medical instrument manufacturers as well as die casting and machine tool industries. Equipped with advanced machining centers and well-trained personnel, the company always maintained highest levels of satisfaction with its customers.

The company’s portfolio included standard long end mills, uneven helix mills, taper end mills, drills, routers, reamers, turning and special tools.

How can cutting fluids affect performance while grinding hard metals?

Additionally, excessive mist generated from the coolant during the grinding process spoiled the work environment for operators. Based on a reference, the BECHEM team contacted the coordinates at the Company’s Production Dept. The BECHEM team after understanding the machining process and the pain points of wheel loading and mist formation during the grinding process recommended a trial with Berugrind 7 HC.

Observation of Existing Setup

Production set-up: To meet Customer requirements and ensure a steady supply, the company had installed state of the art machines that included a sizeable number of ‘multi axis CNC tool and cutter grinding’ machines. As a regular machining practice, resin bond diamond wheel was used for grinding process.

An issue that Machine operators faced repetitively was of wheel loading affecting job finish. Grinding Tungsten-Carbide generated a lot of dust that continued to stick to the grinding wheel leading to the occurrence of wheel loading. The operators ensured extra caution during the process by limiting cutting speed.

Berugrind 7 HC Recommended for

  • Carbides
  • Cast Steel
  • Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

Machining Applications

  • Grinding of Tungsten carbide tools
  • Honing
  • Mould construction and die manufacturing

Berugrind 7 HC

The non-water miscible metal cutting fluid had proven its performance in severe machining applications against hard metals such as carbides, tungsten carbide, cast steel, titanium etc. Berugrind 7 HC was effective in dirt carrying capability as well as good flushing property.

The specially formulated cutting fluid was developed to provide better cooling affect during the intensive machining processes. Berugrind 7 HC had also demonstrated lower evaporation tendency compared to other neat oils available in the market.

Grind Tough Metals With Ease

Low Viscosity oil for Carbide and HSS grinding

  • Excellent Dirt carrying capability
  • Cleaner machines
  • High flash point
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Extended sump life

Trial Observations

Berugrind 7 HC was tried out in select machines and performance was compared with the existing coolant for a period of two months.


  • Carbide dust particles were not sticking to the grinding wheel anymore resulting in low wheel loading occurrences
  • Higher life of resin diamond wheel
  • The operators were able to grind with higher cutting speed and achieve superior finish. Improvements in ‘edge preparation’ was also observed
  • Minimal mist generation resulting in a better work environment.
    • Minimal foam formation
  • No incidents of fire or excessive smoke was reported during the trial period
  • Lower top up ratio compared to existing cutting oil
  • Additionally, level of machine cleanliness too increased as there was no stain formation. Machined components could be cleaned with regular cleaners and washing process
  • Increase in sump life as Cobalt leaching into the coolant was contained. Condition of coolant remained good after over 1 year of service life


Most Advanced Breed of Cutting Fluids. Excellent surface finish, longer tool and die life with minimal coolant consumption, cleaner working environment are some of the desired parameters that directly impact cost per component and productivity levels in metal working processes.


Impressed with the consistent performance of Berugrind 7 HC in grinding, the Production team did a complete changeover for complete machining process of carbide tools.

Key Takeaways

  • The high-performance cutting oil with superior cooling properties, Berugrind 7 HC is the ‘go to’ product for machining carbides and hard metals
  • Berugrind 7 HC has excellent dirt carrying capacity as well as superior flushing properties which ensures removal of sticky particles from the tool as well as machine surfaces
  • Low evaporation tendency and minimal mist formation ensures lower losses and top up ratios
  • Higher flash point of Berugrind 7 HC ensures that the team does not have to worry about fire or smoke during machining process
  • Berugrind 7 HC can be easily washed off components and does not leave any stains on the machines

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