Cutting Fluids and Machine Stains

Can cutting fluids avoid dirt and stain formation on machines ?

Machining of Cast Iron, is a tricky and demanding process. Inherent composition and properties of the metal pose stiff challenge to even the experienced machinist. The fine graphite residues generated during the machining process tend to stick on to the machine parts rendering it with an unenviable look.

If unattended, these impurities tend to form a thin oxidized film on surface of the machine parts. Chances of rust formation also cannot be ruled out. These can not only lead to choking of pipelines and nozzles but also significant reduction of machine lifetime.

Dirty machines not only put a question mark on your maintenance effectiveness but can also impede efficiencies. While chances of tool breakage and poor finish increase, the biggest impact is on the morale of the operator!

Dirty machines can affect your shop floor productivity and your morale

Don’t be surprised if the operator starts complaining about skin irritation and foul smell. With tempers running high and production targets to be met, this certainly is an undesirable situation.

What you need is a dependable metal cutting fluid. Like Avantin from BECHEM. An advanced range of synthetic and semi synthetic based cutting fluids for regular to even the severest of the machining processes.

BECHEM’s Avantin range of metal cutting fluids are developed with special formulations with superior flushing and detergent properties that ensure less stickiness thereby a stain free and sparkling machine. Apart from low consumption and increased sump life, the Avantin range also provides excellent corrosion protection to machines and components.

Advantages with BECHEM Avantin

Longer sump life

  • Excellent bio-stability
  • Superior flushing properties
  • Cleaner work environment

Good machining performance

  • Excellent surface finish
  • Enhanced tool life
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Minimal top-up quantity

Get in touch with BECHEM’s well-trained Service Engineers who work systematically to ensure that you stay focused on surpassing production targets than being bothered about coolant issues.

Choose a cutting fluid that takes care of your reputation, switch to Avantin. For more information write to us at, or call us at +91 80 66900800/818/819.

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