Application Engineering

Team Of Technical Consultants

Every BECHEM Application Engineer strives to provide definite value to his/her customer’s process, be it through reduction in manufacturing costs, improving quality, extending life of the equipment, creating a healthier work space or more importantly creating awareness and promoting the environmental cause.

BECHEM’s team of technical consultants regularly conduct lubrication audits and educate customers on the interlink between friction, wear and the importance of effective lubrication. Recommendations by BECHEM’s Application Engineers on critical applications in this regard are regularly sought by customers from core industries of the economy.

Can lubricants help
increase efficiency?

Experience True Specialty

BECHEM’s team of specialists are adept in identifying the slightest lubrication concerns of the application that could affect performance and life in the longer run. These thoroughly trained specialists, molded with experience are committed in their purpose of extending life and efficiency of the application as well reduction in maintenance costs.

The specialist team follows a three pronged step in setting up the lubrication process,

  • The team conducts a quick audit of the existing lubrication system and based on its findings updates the customer’s Production and Maintenance Departments of any areas for improvements
  • If there is scope for improvement, recommend suitable product and lubrication schedules after analyzing cost to benefit ratio
  • Train Production and Maintenance team on importance of optimal lubrication and also share industry best practices through regular seminars and workshops

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